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Hiya, and welcome to Cinimomo!

To answer your first question, it’s pronounced chee-nee-moh-moh. To answer your second question, I didn’t make this word up – it was more of an embarrassing misunderstanding. You see, I was learning Italian and unfortunately thought that cinimomo was the word for cinnamon. I then proceeded to confidently proclaim cinimomo! eveCInimomo, a blog about life and faith.ry time I saw or used cinnamon. Just so you know, the actual word is cannella *face-palm moment*.

Thankfully, I never used this word in front of any Italian speakers. That would’ve been totally awko-taco. Why did I choose this ‘word’ as the name of my blog then? Because I saw it as the perfect representation of turning your mistakes into something good!

Here at Cinimomo you’ll find a wide variety of subjects to read about, but all of them can be categorized into two categories: Life and Faith. In the Life category, you will find everything from natural living topics and beauty to true life stories and general malarkey. For Faith there’s a range of subjects about living for Jesus for all you Bible Beauties out there. Take a look around and see what you like!