Lifestyle Inspiration Roundup | August 2017 Edition

Lifestyle Inspiration Roundup August 2017Welcome August! The time of year that doesn’t feel quite like summer or fall. But it’s always a time of new beginnings when lots of students head off to school to start a new year.

Because of that, this month’s theme is all about becoming organized and efficient, and feeling good while doing it! Whether you’re a student or just someone who could use a little more motivation to get a little more order in your life, now is the time to get started.

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Music has always been a big motivator for me, and for a lot of people I know! What better way to get yourself organizing than by pumping up the jams? Especially happy songs. The song I’m sharing with you today is one of my favorites for getting in a cheery mood (and in turn helps me get ‘er done!). It’s called Beautiful Day, originally by U2 but this version is by Il Volo. It’s half way between classical and pop music, so I hope you like this interesting take on the music! Just remember, ‘it’s a beautiful day, don’t let it get away’.


August is that time when I like to start transitioning into fall a bit, while leaving a little summer vibe. What does that mean? Bringing in muted colors and changing scents from tropical to more of a fresh smell. Not only will this make your surroundings comfortable and airy, but it will also make a great focus atmosphere. Don’t forget to take this time to through out or donate any clutter or items that you no longer use. Even if you’re not the minimalist type (I’m not either) cleaned up always looks and feels better than cluttered!



Need a good laugh during your organization break? Look no further. These guys know how to take organization to the extreme, and be hilarious while doing so.  Enjoy!

Something New

For August I want you to try to learn something new in honor of all the students out there! Maybe learn a new recipe, some new words, or get an entirely new hobby! A hobby I’ve had for a few years now is learning new languages. Guys, I’m learning six languages right now on an app called Duolingo. They make it that easy and that fun. If you’re interested, you can check them out online in the link above or download their app. It’s all free! (Not a sponsor, I just really love them!)

August Challenge

This month, I challenge you to donate everything you don’t need anymore that might benefit somebody else. Not only will this clean up your living area, it’ll help lots of other people t00! Always do what you can with what you have to make this world a better place. Can I get an Amen? Whether it’s a pair of shoes you never really wear, or that gift your relative got you for your last birthday that you pretended you liked, give it to someone who will really enjoy it. Let’s make a difference together!


Thanks for joining me for August! Have anything that inspires you? Share in the comments below and I may include them in next month’s September edition!

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