Open Letter to Christ-Centered Ladies

Open Letter to Christ Centered LadiesShout out to you, ladies with Christ in their hearts. The ones who’ve taken the narrow path, and the ones who wandered then returned. Pressures have come from all sides, yet you’ve let Christ reign within you, leading the way.

To the ones who have chosen to be a light in this dark world. Being kind when it’s difficult, a determined encourager when everyone else has deemed something, or someone, a lost cause. Living selflessly even when society screams at you to do the opposite. Take care of you first, it’s your duty to yourself to be happy before anyone else, they say. You gently reply, I already have Someone taking care of me, my duty now is to spread the joy I’ve been given.

To the ones who were raised in the church and those that took that first nervous step in. Your classmates, peers, culture, friends, colleagues, and sometimes even family pushing you to walk away from what you know in your heart to be true. And yet, you remained steadfast.

To the ones that have achieved great victories, some privately in your heart, and others out in the open for the whole world to see. Though pride tries to creep in, you bow down low and give all the glory to God. Through you, He does wondrous things.

To the ones that have chosen to raise up the women around her instead of trying to rise above them. When you learn, you share your knowledge. When a friend achieves a goal, you don’t envy her, you throw her the biggest party you know how. And when a friend suffers a hardship, you’re the first to come and offer what comfort you can give.

To the prayer warriors, the ones who have done battle for so many. Your prayers have helped more people than you’ll probably ever know. Relentlessly, you offer your words and heart up to the Lord, knowing He will do something great, even if you never see it. Your faith will inspire generations.

To the ones who never give up hope. Your loved ones have all leaned on you for support at some time or another, and you rekindled the flame in their burned-out souls. Speaking words of truth and wisdom, feeding them Life.

To the fighters for what’s right. Fighting the wars inside with prayer and scripture. Fighting wars in the world with love and grace. And fighting to help others come to know the peace and joy that fills your entire being.

Thank you, for being an inspiration and role model for your sisters in Christ.

I want to be one of these women, we all do. Though some of us may not have achieved this yet, just the fact that we are striving to get there means that we are well on our way. When we offer our all up to God, He’ll do the rest.

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  1. Beautiful article! Just reading it ignites passion and desire to keep moving forward in God. Also points out how selfless living for Christ really is. Enjoyed it!

    Let the greatest among you SERVE…



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