Christian Inspiration Roundup | August 2017 Edition

Christian Inspiration August 2017August

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means it’s time for more inspiration! August is the time of year when some people go back to school, and others start to look forward to fall. So this month’s inspiration will be focused on renewing (or igniting for the first time!) your passion to study God’s Word. Are ya ready? Let’s go!





Just the other day, I heard this song for the first time at church. I don’t know what it is, but something about it brings me such joy and fans the flame in my soul for the Lord. What better way to get pumped for some Bible study? It’s called King Of My Heart featuring John and Sarah McMillan.


A source that I’ve found that helps me when I’m not sure where to start in my Bible: the Joyce Meyer Ministries Daily Devotional. It’s short and sweet and is the perfect thing to get you thinking about a subject to study. A verse is always included (yay!) which is helpful for me on days I forget to spend time in the Bible itself. The subject matter is everything from inspirational to practical teachings for living life with Christ.



Here’s some visual inspiration of what you Bible study time can be like! While I was preparing to write this post I did a little research on YouTube about different Bible study routines. This one was one of the most thorough and simple that I found. It really is an inspiration! I also love that it’s a morning routine, because I believe mornings are a great time to spend quality time with God. Why? It’s that time of day when nothing has happened yet, and the time that sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Something New

This month, try a new method of Bible study. If you usually read chapters or sections, try reading verses based on a subject and vice versa. Trying new ways to do things is a great way to freshen up your routine! And in my personal experience, I learn much better when things are feeling fresh and exciting. Time to step outside of the box!

August Challenge

For August, I challenge you to set more time aside than usual to spend some quality time with God. Even if it’s just five minutes! A little more of God in our lives is always a good thing. You could do this by tacking on extra time to your normal routine, or by adding a whole new God-based routine at a different time of day. Whatever you choose to do, get it done! And enlist some of your friends to take this challenge with you!


That’s it for August! I hope you feel inspired and ready to get back to Bible study with a new fervor. If you enjoyed this post and want even more inspiration, check out last month’s inspiration roundup !

Have a great month and see you in September!

P.S. Have anything that inspires your walk with God? Tell me in the comments below and I may include it in the next roundup!

Christian Inspiration Roundup | July 2017 Edition

Christian books, music, videos, and inspirationAs Christians, we know the importance of discovering new learning tools and inspiring materials, so that we can grow closer to God. Because of that, I’ve decided to start a new monthly series.

Introducing monthly inspiration roundups!

Each month, I will be compiling a list of a few helpful, fun, and\or encouraging things I’ve found to help keep your faith walk always fresh and moving. Oh yeah.

Without further ado, let’s get started with our first edition: July 2017!

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, and if you decide to make a purchase through a link, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you!


In honor of summer camp season, I chose the song that was my favorite during my camp years: You Won’t Relent by Jesus Culture. This song has the ability to send chills up my spine and bring tears to my eyes. It talks about how God won’t relent calling us closer because of His unquenchable love for us.


I love Christian self-help books, and this one helped form my view of God’s purpose for femininity. It’s called Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. This book really goes into depth about the mysteries of a woman’s soul and how to use your womanhood for the Lord. No matter your age, the message is something we all need to hear in order to change our world for the better!


Take some time out to listen to these two wonderful ladies from Girl Defined. Whether you watch this video, or some of their others, they do a great job of explaining how God sees us and what He wants for us in life. While woman of any age can benefit from their channel, I would definitely recommend their content to teens and young women.

Something New

Each month is a new opportunity to try something new! This month, I’m going to start writing out Bible verses to remember them better. I invite you to try it with me! If you’re already doing this (yay you!) then try to add a new twist, like writing them in print, then cursive, then all caps. Things like this help us memorize!

July Challenge

Along with these monthly inspiration roundups, I’m going to issue a monthly challenge. For July, I challenge you to go above and beyond in some way to be kind to your family. Sometimes, it’s more difficult to be nice to the people closest to you. That’s why being kind to family is so important. When being kind is hard to do, and yet is still done, it shows God’s love shining through us! So, this month be extra helpful around the house, be encouraging, let someone else watch what they want on TV. Make July the month of kindness!

Thank you for being a part of the first inspiration roundup! Don’t for get to pin, share, and leave a comment sharing what you thought about July’s list, and suggesting what to share next month. Stay tuned for August!

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