The Best (and most surprising) Natural Ingredient to Heal Acne

An all natural DIY acne treatment with basil essential oilYou know what it feels like. Waking up to a perfectly good day, and the next thing you know, the mirror reveals a new addition to your face: the infamous zit. You groan at the thought of a week of this zit staring back at you. You’ve tried  everything but nothing ever seems to work.

Because you can’t just sit by and do nothing, you smear every anti-acne product that you have on your face. Once that doesn’t work, you try Pinterest suggestions for treating acne, yet none of them work.

Does this sound like you? I know that’s what I felt like.

Maybe there’s a way to change that.

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I finally found a DIY, completely natural acne remedy! And guess what? It’s just one simple ingredient. When it worked, I was so surprised. Just to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence, I tried it for a week straight.

The results were amazing. 

What is this miracle ingredient you ask? Basil essential oil. Yup, that’s right.

I had tried so many things before, but this worked best out of them all. Rubbing alcohol, apple cider vinegar, honey and cinnamon, baking soda, even toothpaste. 

I had also tried several essential oils, like lemon, peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus to no avail. But basil, that was different.

I would apply it to any spots I had at night, after putting on my moisturizer. The next day, the redness was almost gone, and only a small mark was left!

Some mornings, the spot wouldn’t be entirely gone, but at the very least it would be less red than the night before. I have to say, whenever I use it, the next morning I will excitedly go to the nearest mirror to gaze upon the wonderful lack of zit. Three cheers for basil!

Personally, I currently get my essential oils from a company cabasi; essential oil from Eden's Gardenlled Eden’s Garden. I have never been disappointed with the quality of their products. They have very high standards, but are not an MLM company which makes them more affordable!

Organic, 100% therapeutic grade, natively sourced, and third-party tested for quality. The only thing that Eden’s Garden doesn’t have that brands like Young Living and DoTerra have is the “edible” label. However, Eden’s Garden actually says that you can take their oils internally under the direction of a licensed aromatherapist or physician. I have personally used a few of their oils in cooking with no negative side effects!

I’m excited for you to try this out for yourself. If you find that it does work for you (I really believe it will!) make sure to spread the word and help other people be acne free!

What natural acne treatments have you tried? Which worked and which didn’t? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe for more natural living tips!