The Three Teas You Need To Have On Hand At All Times

Tea is totes amazingPeppermint Tea, chamomile tea, ginger tea

I absolutely love tea! Anyone else? Whether you’ve been drinking tea for ages, or you’re new to this wonderful world of flavor, I’m going to tell you the three teas that you should always have around. Why? Well…

Tea can offer medicinal properties

Did you know that drinking tea can give you health benefits and help you feel better? In a world where so many health trends are a hoax, it’s refreshing to have something on hand that actually does what it’s supposed to. Now, many times people will claim that a specific tea is a cure-all. Don’t you just strongly dislike when someone gets your hopes up by exaggerating what a product can do? Me too, that’s why I’m only going to tell you the benefits I can personally vouch for. I’ve had the most success with three specific teas:

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Headaches, tummy trouble, and cold/sinus/breathing problems. Peppermint is supposedly a painkiller and I’ve experienced this first hand. Drinking it will often take away a minor headache. When my stomach is upset or my digestive system is having a fit, peppermint tea calms everything down. And last but not least, that menthol quality that the tea possesses gives me great relief when I’m having any sort of respiratory issue.


Heartburn and stress relief. I have had terrible heartburn for a few years, and very few things took it away. Chamomile was a game-changer! Almost every time I drink it, the burn disappears, I highly recommend it. This tea is also tremendously helpful for those stressful times in life. After those first few sips, I always feel remarkably calmer.


Nausea, dizziness, and cramping. Ginger tea is probably the tea I drink the most often. It settles my stomach when it’s feeling uneasy, so I always take it with me during car rides (if you suffer from carsickness, give it a go! Peppermint tea is helpful for this as well, try both a see which works better for you!). I’ve also suffered from dizziness and vertigo in my day, and ginger somehow slows the spinning. There are several studies that I’ve seen that prove ginger is helpful for motion sickness, even a test on the amazing show Mythbusters! The last benefit I’ve experienced from ginger tea is pain and cramp relief. Some people say their relief lasts for hour, but mine is usually for 30 minutes. Anything is better than nothing when something hurts!

If you don’t enjoy the taste of straight ginger tea, I recommend the ginger blend from Yogi teas. It contains other wonderful ingredients like lemongrass and licorice root!

My favorite tea add-ins

Raw honey. If you’re anything like me, then you need your tea sweetened. But put down that sugar! Raw honey is the best way to add some sweetness to your drink. Some say it has health benefits as well, but I haven’t personally experienced any major changes from it.

Collagen Powder. This is one of my favorite things to add to any hot beverage. I especially like to put it in my tea when I’m taking it on the go. Since collagen provides protein, it helps keep my blood sugar stable when I don’t have access to food in the moment!

Bonus tip!

Each of the above mentioned teas are also great for your skin! If I feel like my skin needs a pick-me-up, I’ll take my tea bag (after it’s been used) and rub it on my face. I can specifically recall one time when I rubbed a ginger tea bag on my face while I was struggling with some acne, and the next day the spots were smaller. Try it out! P.S. if you struggle with acne too, take a look at my single ingredient acne fighting weapon!


What are your must have teas? How do they help you? Share in the comments below. And don’t forget to pin, share, and subscribe!


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  1. I love tea too! I usually have peppermint and chamomile in the house, but I had no idea that ginger tea had so many benefits! Looks like I’m gonna have to go buy some now 🙂

  2. I’ve started drinking peppermint green tea in the mornings and love it. I just add a bit of honey for added flavor. I’m not sure it’s doing anything for me, but it’s a nice morning ritual.

  3. I was taught to drink only black tea with like A TON of sugar… but I remember one day I’ve discovered green tea and fell totally in love with the taste. My favorite of all time is KUSMITEA strawberry green tea. Not just it tastes like real fruit but it smells like one! <3

  4. I have to admit that I’m strictly a black tea drinker unless I am sick or tired and then it’s chamomile or passionflower. I have never tried tea as a skin saver so I may do that!

  5. Great teas though I can’t get past the peppermint taste!! I do love a good lemon! I always feel like it’s a detox and feel great afterwards!!

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