Waist Training For Posture

Waist Training For Posture***Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I am only giving my personal experience. For health problems, seek professional medical advice.**

Yes, I wear a corset. No, it’s not because I’m trying to get a smaller waist *say what?!* I wear one to correct my posture. In fact, I’m wearing one as I write this.

You see, I have scoliosis and it’s difficult for me to remember to sit up straight all the time. So, I decided to try out a corset, because there was no way I was going to start wearing a big ‘ole back brace. To my pleasant surprise, it actually did a fantastic job of helping my back!

I only wear it for a few hours, but I’ve noticed changes when I’m not wearing it, like I’ve started unintentionally sitting up straight. While I am wearing the corset, it helps me in several other ways.

When walking, my upper back no longer hurts like it did; I also have less neck pain and can breathe more easily. The scoliosis has put a damper on my digestive system and I often get pain in my side because of it. But when I wear the corset, I can tell I digest better, the pain doesn’t come after eating like it usually does. And, if it does come, it’s minor comparatively.

When I got mine, I made sure not to get one that was really tight, just tight enough to keep me from slouching. It doesn’t impede my breathing at all and I don’t feel like it’s squeezing me. If it does feel that way, you may want to try on a different size.

Personally, I highly recommend getting one if you have posture issues (I’m not a doctor and this is only an opinion, if you’re directed to take other measures for your back, please do so). In fact, I found out recently that my grandpa wore a male corset for his back problems! I find that too many people write them off as waist-shrinking devices. There is so much more potential than that!

I’m so glad that I discovered this alternative use for ‘waist trainers’. It has really straightened me out *pun intended*. It just goes to show you, don’t judge a book by its cover! Plus, I have the bonus of feeling kind of like some sort of refined princess so, ya know, that’s cool too *smiles daintily*.

If you’re considering giving this a try, I suggest starting out with an inexpensive corset, just to see what you think. Why invest in something that you may not want to continue using? The one I started out with cost about $20, not too bad of a price for something that gets the job done. I do, however, intend to purchase a higher quality corset soon.

Do any of you wear a corset for posture? What has been your experience with them? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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